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Mission: Building a digital space where business education, financial literacy, and interactive entertainment can co-exist for children and families.


Experience the Business Education Culture of Fresh Digital Media Inc


Engaging children and families through technology and Augmented Reality (AR) in education is a way to effectively enhance their learning experiences within their own environment.


Interactive learning through filmed tv shows, shorts, documentaries, and movies will enhance both families and early learners’ introduction to the business culture.


Children and families need access to business education through music and art to cultivate a business development learning environment for the entire family at home and in social settings.


Television-like activity on smart and mobile devices on demand will be used to increase families and young learners’ access to age appropriate business development content and information.

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Creative Room by PABD Zone

Children and parents both are listening to this hot Kid BizLIFE entitled track called, “Creative Room” by the New music group PABD ZONE. (Pop, Dance and Hip-Hop)



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