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Dr. Tori Brown, AR EdTech Founder

Fresh Digital Inc is a Social Tech Enterprise with the vision to engage and support communities through technology and wealth development. The company started in 2018 by author, psychologist, and business consultant Dr. Tori Brown.  “I started this company to develop mobile apps and technology that wasn’t available in the app stores for the populations we serve.” explains.  Dr. Brown is  known on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as DocTori2.0.  What’s in a name? As quoted by William Shakespeare.  The name DocTori2.0 comes from her personal philosophy and values. “I am always going to take responsibility for being the best version of myself,  just like the apps and products we will launch as a company”,  says Dr. Brown.

Dr. Tori Brown has been operating in the space of technology and augmented reality (AR) since 2011 almost 7 years prior to the incorporation of the company in Tampa Florida. Her first experience with augmented reality started when she was hired as a consultant for a software engineer that was developing products in both virtual reality (VR) and AR using goggles to view his work. She was instrumental in helping him start his business and access business funding.  As part of the process Tori stayed on as a consultant and interacted with other software engineers and programmers to step into the world of technology and development. 

These experiences allowed her to also meet now Chief Technology Officer (CTO) James Muchette III as they would go on to work with each other on various projects including live streaming integrations, telecommunications, mobile app development and much more.  Also, Tori met author Tiffany Nelson at her children’s book release tour inside a local Detroit Michigan bookstore.  Tiffany had just released a children’s story called, ”Its Water Time Ma”.  This inspired Dr. Brown to write and release her own children’s book called “Open for Business”, that introduces school aged children to business and the nuances of starting a business.  

After writing the book Dr. Brown wanted to create more tools around the book to engage her children and families target market. She then called on the creative production skills and musical gift talents of Christopher Ussery known in the music industry as Chris Flame. Chris Flame is a multi-platinum grammy nominated producer and A & R consultant with over 20 years of industry experience from Atlanta Georgia. Flame produced the book’s soundtrack title , “Creative Room” alongside with sound engineer/mixer Mark Parfitt who have worked consistently with platinum music artists such as Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Kehlani, Juice World.

After the song was completed DocTori2.0 began to develop a mobile app that would allow children to become certified in business through her children’s brand PABD Zone.   She partnered with non-profit organization Fresh Community Development Inc and business consulting firm Fresh Docs Inc to create business education tools and content for children and their families.  This content was delivered to Fresh Digital Media Inc in 2018 to develop the first of its kind storybook experience for children using AR technology. The app was created and placed in beta for three to five years as we conducted market research, upgrades, collected qualitative data, implemented extensions, and adjusted deployment strategies to compensate and streamline the product need due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  

At the close of 2022, we were selected by Apple to participate in the Apple Entrepreneur Camp for Black Founders.  Dr. Tori Brown, a Black Female Augmented Reality EdTech Founder and team will join the 17th cohort in February 2023.  For more information on the Apple Entrepreneur Camp visit https://developer.apple.com/entrepreneur-camp/

Following participation in Entrepreneur Camp, Fresh Digital Media Group Inc., plans to release its exclusive augmented reality mobile app on the App Store later this year.

“Education is a life-long process that should always include the family, especially regarding business development and entrepreneurship.” says Dr. Brown.  This app is an EdTech solution that awards school-aged children with financial literacy and business development certification.

The app is the first-of-its-kind storybook experience that aims to reach 3 million in the first six months on the App Store.

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