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Creative Room by PABD Zone

Children and parents both are listening to this hot Kid BizLIFE entitled track called, “Creative Room” by the New music group PABD ZONE. (Pop, Dance and Hip-Hop)



BOOKS With Apps

Written by Dr. Tori Brown

Dr. Brown holds an AA and BA degree in psychology and African-American studies, a master’s degree in school counseling and education and a PHD in psychology. Both of the written books have complimentary mobile apps to engage the target audience of readers that include children and family.

Open for Business Paperback

Penne' Anne', Billy, and Diget are three friends that love to play together. They also like to create ways to work hard and make money. These best friends go on an adventure of starting various businesses. What does it take to start a business? Open for Business will be just the business start-up guide needed for children. PABD Zone will show you exactly how to be a Certified Business Buddy. These three children have fun with music, technology, business, and education. In this story its the adults who are the students as these three make their way of figuring out different ways to make money in business. Three business consultant teammates in the making.


The "American Dream" looks a lot different for black and brown communities. The road to homeownership for these communities can have its equal challenges and success stories. When you look at the data and statistics of the wealth gap between Black and White America, you see the differences between the two dreams. Through the years, generational and situational poverty has presented itself as a historical barrier for minority communities in taking a place in the growing housing market. This book describes applicable strategies with the use of technology to develop social capital communities that focus on increasing Black and Brown wealth. My previous book Acid Reflux: How To Stomach This Economy discussed how, "information is currency". Learn how data can be used to generate information that evolves into resources and opportunities to provide solutions for increasing homeownership in Black and Brown Communities. This book is recommended for potential homebuyers, realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, lenders, and any other professionals that goal includes engaging growing communities in America.

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   (Situational Generational Poverty Solutions)